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Conditions of Use

Website usage terms and conditions


This document of Terms and Conditions contains the usage terms and conditions of the website operated by Vesta Albérletközvetítő (representative: Balázsné Fenyő Anna Gyöngyi sole proprietor, company seat: 7831 Pellérd, Arany J. u. 33., VAT number: 65757552122) as provider (“Provider”).



I. The use of this website is subject to these general terms of use:

1. The User is bound by the content of this Terms and Conditions when entering the website operated by the Provider, or reading the content of the website by any means - even if they are not registered users of the website. The Provider and the Users, all their representatives, successors and assignees shall be bound and entitled by the regulations of this Terms and Conditions. This Terms and Conditions shall enter into force 18.09.2010 and shall be valid until withdrawal.


2. The Provider shall retain all rights to the website, to any parts of that, to the content appearing on it, as well as to the spreading of the website. It is forbidden to download, electronically store, process or sell the full or partial content appearing on the website without the written consent of the Provider. Using any material from the website and from its database shall only be done by referring to the given website even if having a written consent. In addition it is forbidden to create user IDs and passwords in unfair manner.


3. Considering that the content of the website can modify independently from the Provider as well – unless otherwise prescribed by the laws in force- the Provider takes no responsibility for the accuracy and the reliability of the content of the website. The Provider takes no responsibility for the content created or published by third parties, uploaded by third parties to the system of the Provider, or to which the website refers.


4.1 The Provider reserves the right to change the content of the website at any time.


4.2. The Provider reserves the right to modify the Usage Terms and Conditions by notifying the Users. The notice shall be published on the website and is due 10 days prior to the modification entering into force.



II. Advertising regulations

1. The users shall use the service for lawful and legal purposes in a lawful way. The Provider reserves the right to remove the unlawful advertisements. In addition the Provider reserves the right to refuse or remove advertisements not meeting the quality they represent.


2. The Provider shall refuse or restrict providing service without prior notice provided that the Advertisement is unlawful, conflicts the Hungarian and international laws in force or the Code of Advertising Practice, is unethical or otherwise impugnable.


3. The Provider is entitled to remove Advertisements breaching the intellectual property law of any, or breaching any other copyrights or related rights.


4. The Provider shall not publish or entitled to remove Advertisements, which misleadingly suggests that the Advertised product or service is supported by the Provider.


5. The Provider is entitled to control the public traffic. Nevertheless, the power of control of the Provider shall not acquit the Users of the responsibility for infringement resulting from unlawful use, which is taken on only by the User against the third party as well.


6. The User shall note and accept that the placement, environment – including other advertisements placed right next to the Advertisement – as well as the order of the Advertisement is set by the Provider.


7. Registration, browsing or advertising on the website is free of charge. However, the Featured advert service and advertising activities on the website are subject to payment. The charge of these services can be modified by the Provider at any time, without notice. The modification of charges is not retroactive.


8. Users shall declare and assure that the provided data and the content of the Advertisement is correct, do not breach the rights of a third party and lawful.


9. The person who is to perform advertising activity on the website shall declare and assure that they are holders of all the necessary licenses, approvals and authorizations for operation and activities carried out by them.



III. Privacy policy

1. The Provider shall manage the personal data of the Users to provide services and to prefer claims related to them, only to the extent and period necessary to perform these.


2. The Provider shall treat the User provided data and information being necessary for providing services according to the provisions of the 1992. LXIII. act on protection of personal data and publicity of data of public interest.


3. The Provider shall take all necessary security, organizing and technical measures to ensure the highest level of security for the personal data, as well as to guard against unauthorized alteration, eradication or usage of them.


4. The personal data handled by the Provider shall not be turned or made available to a third party, and should not be misused in any other way.


5. The website contains links referring to exterior (not Provider run) servers as well; the websites available through these links may place their own cookies or other files on the computer, may collect data or ask for personal data. The Provider shall take no responsibility for these.



IV. Confidentiality

1. The Advertisers and the Provider shall engage themselves to treat all the information obtained in the course of their legal relationship discretely, as a business secret, those shall not be available for a third party, even after their legal relationship comes to an end, without the prior written consent of the other party.


2. The confidentiality shall not apply to the information which are public, or which have earlier been lawfully publicized, and respectively to those, which the other party have obtained lawfully from someone else, or which the Provider must supply to some authorities by law.



V. General liability rules

1. The Provider shall not be blamed for, or shall not be responsible for malfunctions or access failures performed with the contribution of another Provider.


2. Full responsibility, except for the exceptions defined by law, shall be taken by the Advertiser for the content and legality of the Advertisements placed on the website by the User as well as for the usage of the service. Furthermore, the operators of the website take no responsibility for the damages resulted from the usage of the system, for the disturbing manifestations or behavior of any other parties, or for any infringement, including intellectual property rights. The Provider shall only be liable to payment of compensation to the extent of the fee of the ordered Service in all cases.


3. The Provider is allowed to avail itself of a contributor to fulfill its obligations. The Provider shall be fully responsible for the unlawful behavior of the contributor, as if the unlawful behavior was committed by itself.



VI. Miscellaneous Provisions

1. Any parts of this Terms and Conditions shall become invalid, unlawful or unenforceable the validity, lawfulness or enforceability of the remaining parts is not affected.


2. Should the Provider not exercise its right set by this Usage Terms and Conditions, the failure of exercising the rights shall not be regarded as waiver of the given right. Waivering of any rights shall be valid only with a written consent concerning the given right. Not adhering strictly to some essential conditions or terms of the Usage Terms and Conditions one time should not mean that the Provider waivers of adhering to the strict compliance of the given condition or term later on.


3. The Provider and the User as well as the Provider and the persons performing advertising activities try to settle the disputes amicably. The User, the Advertiser and the Provider stipulates legal proceedings for the possible legal disputes subjected to this Usage Terms and Conditions, which cannot be settled within 30 (thirty) calendar days.